Meet Our Team

Committed to Dental Excellence

Our Commitment is to serve you in an efficient, caring and professional manner while ensuring that you receive the proper treatment to achieve and maintain optimal dental health for a beautiful, confident smile.

Elizabeth | Joy Dental Pines, Pembroke Pines,FL test

Elizabeth Gomez

Dental Hygienist

I love being part of a patient’s journey in maintaining a healthy and confident smile.

Carolina | Joy Dental Pines, Pembroke Pines,FL test

Carolina Jaramillo

Treatment Coordinator

Dentistry is one of the most rewarding careers! The satisfaction of helping others gain self-confidence with creating smiles is what makes me love dentistry.

hazel proffer | Joy Dental Pines, Pembroke Pines Dentist test

Hazel Proffer

Dental Hygienist

I love being a hygienist because the people that I meet, treat, and have the pleasure to work with are so much fun. I love to see the impact that good oral health can have on a patient’s life. It is very rewarding to see patients coming back and being able to measure their improvement.

Debbie | Joy Dental Pines, Pembroke Pines,FL test

Debbie Ramirez

Patient Coordinator

I love connecting with patients. Even with one smile can bring happiness- that may be the only sunshine they see all day.

Kayla | Joy Dental Pines, Pembroke Pines, FL test

Kayla Mirabal

Recare Coordinator

One of the many things I love about dentistry is the change in demeanor, confidence and attitude our patients experience when leaving the office, after a service as simple as their cleaning. The effect is even greater so when doing restorations, people tend to feel like themselves again when their smile reflects their inner self.

Francisca | Joy Dental Pines, Pembroke Pines,FL test

Francisca Aquino

Dental Assistant

I love being part of a dental team that has the ability to get patients healthy and achieve the perfect smile.