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Best Dentist Pembroke Pines | Bad Dental Habits to Avoid

Brushing and flossing are the two most important dental care habits we should do religiously in order to keep our teeth and gums healthy. But there are several of our bad habits that we should get rid of in order to maintain oral health. Your best dentist Pembroke Pines will educate you about the importance of dental visits and bad habits you should avoid that could be detrimental to your dental health. Gum diseases may lead to serious health problems later on.

Bad Habits That Can Harm Your Teeth

From beverages and food, we consume on a daily basis to other daily habits you have had since childhood, some of your common daily habits may be harmful to your teeth. Here are bad dental habits you should avoid maintaining the health and beauty of your pearly whites.

  • Sipping, Sucking, and Crunching – Like to chew on ice cubes or drink ice-cold drinks? Did you know that cold temperature of ice cubes can cause teeth to fracture? They can create microscopic cracks in the enamel’s surface that could lead to bigger dental problems.
  • Never Use Teeth as Tools – Oftentimes, teeth are being used for number of odd tasks such as tearing open a bag of potato chips, use it to open a bottle of beer or ripping off a price tag off a piece of clothing, These habits can lead to trauma, fractured, or a chipped tooth.
  • Excessive Teeth Grinding – Teeth grinding, or bruxism can be due to anxiety and stress, missing or crooked teeth, or from an abnormal bite. This habit wears down your teeth. Your dentist may suggest you wear a customized mouth guard to protect your teeth especially while sleeping.
  • Nail Biting – This can chip the teeth and cause jaw dysfunction. Placing pressure on your jaw due to frequent nail-biting will shift the jaw into a protruding position.
  • Tongue Piercings – Tongue piercings may be popular, but they are harmful to your mouth and teeth. Potential complications after getting different kinds of oral piercings are swelling and pain. Tongue piercings may damage teeth and gums if they come in contact with these structures.

what is the best dentist pembroke pines?

Need Professional Advice? Get the Best Dentist Pembroke Pines!

There are habits that are very difficult to give up. Our best dentist Pembroke Pines will be able to guide you on how to effectively care for your dental health. For more information about how to deal with bad habits that affects your teeth and gums, contact us at Joy Dental today.

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