Many people believe that correcting teeth misalignment and addressing bite issues are just solely for cosmetic reasons. Did you know that having crooked teeth causes problems that can negatively impact your overall health? This is why orthodontic appliance like Invisalign Pembroke Pines was developed to help minimize problems with crooked teeth and misalignment.

How Crooked Teeth Can Significantly Impact Your Health

Your self-esteem and appearance are not the only key factors that can be affected by crooked teeth. It can also damage your dental and overall health in different ways. Correcting crooked or misaligned teeth can lower your risk of developing problems like TMJ disorders, bad breath, tooth decay, gum disease, and chronic headaches.

• Affects overall health — Dental issues can seriously affect more than just oral health. Bacteria buildup leads to oral infections that create more serious ailments such as diabetes, pneumonia, stroke, and heart disease.
• Causes Bad Breath — Generally caused by lingering mouth bacteria. Even brushing cannot remove all the food particles stuck in between teeth. Floss and toothbrush bristles may find it difficult to reach the nook and crannies between crooked teeth.
• Gum Disease – Developing gum disease is a common issue with crooked teeth. When bacteria in our mouth form into plaque, it results in gum disease.
• Increase Risk of Tooth Injuries – Protruding teeth are more likely to crack or chip.
• Damage to the Teeth – Misalignment causes the teeth to point in the wrong direction or rub up directly against each other. This leaves the teeth prone to breakage.

Ready for a Clear Solution? Get Invisalign Pembroke Pines

Orthodontic treatments such as Invisalign Pembroke Pines reduces the risk of developing serious health problems. If you think you are ready to say goodbye to your crooked teeth and reap the benefits, schedule an appointment with Joy Dental today.

It’s easy to panic when dental emergencies make your life grind to a sudden halt. An all-out dental emergency is almost always accompanied by swelling and extreme pain that would make it absolutely impossible for you to concentrate on work or spend quality time with your family in friends. When such an occurrence rears its ugly head, the best thing to do is to see your emergency dentist Pembroke Pines as soon as possible.


This could be a sign of an underlying problem such as an abscess in which the toothache can feel like a dull throb on the outer edges of the affected tooth. If left untreated, toothaches can potentially lead to tooth loss or serious health issues.

Chipped or Broken Tooth

This happens when any type of quick movement during exercise or action sports gets in contact with your teeth. This can also get particularly nasty when you got it by falling on a hard surface. In these cases, you’ll need to apply gauze to the affected area for at least 10 minutes or until the bleeding stops. The application of a cold compress to the lip, mouth or cheek near the affected tooth will relieve some of the pain and the swelling.

Knocked-Out Tooth

If this happens to you, never force your knocked-out tooth back into its socket. While you’re on your way to see your emergency dentist Pembroke Pines, remember to keep it soaked in water or milk. Remember that the teeth that have the highest chances of being saved are those that have been returned to their sockets within an hour after they were knocked off.

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Are You Looking for the Best Emergency Dentist Pembroke Pines?

When you experience a dental emergency, it’s best to call Joy Dental as quickly as you can so that our emergency dentist Pembroke Pines can determine if we need to see you at the office or if it can be cared for at your home.

Are you looking for a dental care provider who can offer comprehensive dental and oral care your family requires? Perhaps your busy schedule makes it challenging for you to drive everyone in the family to separate dental clinics for their individual routine checkup. Most people assume that a Family Dentist Pembroke Pines and general dentists are one and the same, but the truth is, they’re not. So, what’s the difference?

The General Dentist

A general dentist has to complete an extensive formal training that usually involves 3 or more years of undergraduate education and 4 years of dental school before practicing general dentistry. Their goal is to help their patients achieve and maintain a confident and healthy smile. While it’s true that this is every dentist’s objective regardless of their specialty, the general dentist restricts his services to a specific age group. For example, he or she may not see patients who are under 16 years old. This can be a huge problem if you have preschoolers or school-age kids because you’ll have to drive all over town to have the dental needs of your family addressed.

Moreover, general dentists focus on creating comprehensive treatment plans in order to prevent tooth decay, trauma, and other diseases involving the mouth. They can perform routine tooth cleaning and scaling, tooth extraction, root canals, dental examinations as well as restorative dentistry procedures that include the placement of crowns, veneers, dentures, bonding, and more. However, if the patient needs a dental procedure that would require the expertise of a specialist, the general dentist may refer you to another practitioner. 

The Family Dentist

A Family Dentist Pembroke Pines has to receive an undergraduate degree before attending dental school and seeing patients. Family dentists essentially offer the same types of services that a general dentist does. However, the Family Dentist Pembroke Pines specializes in performing various dental procedures for patients of all ages. This means you won’t have to visit multiple dental offices in a week to take care of your family’s dental and oral needs.

Furthermore, they focus on educating families on proper oral hygiene practices. For example, they may teach a 2-year-old kid about brushing techniques or a senior citizen about denture care.

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Looking for a Family Dentist Pembroke Pines?

If you need to switch to a Family Dentist Pembroke Pines, contact Joy Dental today to schedule a consultation.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if every child, teen or adult in your household sees the same dental health provider? If you switched to a family dentist Pembroke Pines, everyone in your family won’t have to go to different locations to help them maintain excellent oral health. 

What is a Family Dentist?

A Family Dentist Pembroke Pines is a dental professional who offers a wide range of general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry services and procedures to patients of any age, from toddlers to senior citizens. 

What are the Benefits of Having a Family Dentist?

  • It’s convenient for you

Since family dentists can provide treatments to patients regardless of their ages and dental needs, you won’t have to drive to several dental offices to have your regular checkups. You can eliminate travel time by scheduling group checkups instead. Plus, your kids won’t need to switch dentists when they age out of pediatric dental practices.

  • It would be easier to spot a dental problem

Since family dentists are familiar with your family’s dental history, it would be much easier for them to spot a dental health issue on its earliest stages such as gingivitis, bruxism, jaw irregularities or malocclusion. 

  • Strong dentist-patient relationships

Consistent visits to the same family dentist will lead to the development of a strong relationship that’s built on trust with your dental health provider. Aside from the fact that you’ll feel more comfortable when you bring up any of your dental and oral concerns, the younger kids in your family will have lesser dental anxiety if they see the same person who treats the dental issues of the other members of the household.

  • They can deliver all of the dental services you may need

Because family dentists are trained to deliver a wide array of dental services, they can easily replace your grandfather’s missing teeth with dental implants or detect growth and development issues in your toddler’s jaw. In other words, aside from performing your regular checkups and cleanings, they can effectively perform a root canal procedure, offer orthodontic treatment, and so much more. 

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Looking for the Right Family Dentist Pembroke Pines?

The family dentist Pembroke Pines at Joy Dental can help keep your family’s smiles healthy and beautiful. Call us now to learn more about our services.