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Celebrities Who Have Had Oral Cancer

People diagnosed with oral cancer come from all walks of life and include many well-known celebrities. It’s important to keep in mind that early detection can result in better treatment outcomes and will ensure you or a loved one has a better chance to maintain a healthy life for years to come!


Celebrities With Oral Cancer

Michael Douglas: Actor and producer Michael Douglas has been an outspoken supporter of the Oral Cancer Foundation (OCF), a non-profit foundation dedicated to supporting those affected by the disease. His struggles with oral cancer began with a diagnosis of stage IV squamous cell carcinoma. After a long and challenging battle including radiation and chemotherapy, Michael is now cancer free.

Eddie Van Halen: Eddie is known as one of the world’s best guitarists, keyboarder, and co-founder of the rock band named Van Halen. In 2001 Eddie confirmed his diagnosis of tongue cancer and had to undergo surgery and numerous treatments. In 2002 he was declared cancer-free and is now doing well despite a brief recurrence in 2011.

Lana Turner: One of the most beautiful actresses to ever grace the silver screen had a long history of alcoholism and smoking, which eventually led to her diagnosis of throat cancer in 1992. After weeks of radiation therapy, her cancer was in remission. She finally quit smoking, but it was too late. Her cancer returned, and as typical with oral and throat cancer patients, she had trouble eating and lost a lot of weight. She finally passed away in 1996 with her daughter by her side.

Many other celebrities have been diagnosed with oral cancer. Some of them survived mainly due to early detection and intervention, while others have not been as fortunate.


Facts About Oral Cancer

Many people are diagnosed each year with oral cancer. Most are due to tobacco and alcohol use, or exposure to the HPV-16 virus (human papilloma virus version 16). There is a growing number of cases of young, non-smokers diagnosed today.

If caught in its early stages, oral cancer can be treatable with an 80-90% survival rate. Unfortunately, many people do not realize they have oral cancer until the disease is advanced and is past the point of successful treatment. All it takes is a simple and painless screening procedure to identify oral cancer and treat it before the condition progresses.


What Can You Do?

Prevention is the best way to avoid oral cancer. It is advisable to refrain from smoking and to drink alcohol in moderation. If you are a smoker, it’s not too late to quit! Additionally, make sure to keep up with your annual dental exams and request an oral cancer screening which can potentially save your life.


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