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When Is an Extraction the Best Option for My Oral Health?

One of our primary goals at Joy Dental is to preserve every one of your teeth if at all possible. There are times, however, when extracting a tooth may be our only option to ensure your safety and well-being. If this is the case, we have effective methods to remove your tooth safely with minimal discomfort.   Reasons to Extract a Tooth Following are some of the most common reasons we may need to resort to extracting a tooth: Damaged Teeth: Sometimes we must remove a tooth because it is no longer healthy enough to function, or may pose a...


Silver Fillings vs. Tooth Colored Fillings

Even with the most meticulous oral care, some people will develop cavities. Dental fillings may be the best solution to restore your healthy smile.


What Are the Benefits of Dental Implants?

If you are missing one or more of your teeth, dental implants may be the solution to restore your smile. At Joy Dental, we are proud to offer quality implants using the most advanced technology. You won’t believe how natural...


Maintaining Good Oral Health

Maintaining good oral health will ensure you enjoy a bright smile and improved overall health. That involves keeping a meticulous oral care regimen at home, as well as routine checkups and cleanings at your dentist’s office.


dentist holding up cancer ribbon | Celebrities Who Have Had Oral Cancer

Celebrities Who Have Had Oral Cancer

People diagnosed with oral cancer come from all walks of life and include many well-known celebrities. It's important to keep in mind that early detection


Root Canal

Why Do I Need a Root Canal Treatment If My Tooth Doesn’t Hurt?

Did you know that you may be in need of a root canal treatment despite feeling no pain? If your dentist has told you this is the case, you are not alone.