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Root Canal Pembroke Pines | What to Eat After a Root Canal Treatment

None of us are too keen on seeing a dentist or undergo dental procedures. It’s also possible that root canal Pembroke Pines treatment is at the top of the list of dental treatments that a lot of people worry about. But there are circumstances where a root canal treatment is inevitable. Inflamed and infected tooth pulp calls for endodontic treatment to have the infected tooth pulp cleaned and sealed to prevent bacteria from coming in.

What Happens During a Root Canal Procedure?

Before the procedure is completed, it may take several dental visits which involve:

  • Cleaning active infection and decay
  • Creating a smooth, evenly shaped canal that prevents bacteria from getting in
  • Refilling the canals
  • Sealing the top of the tooth with a crown to protect the cavity

This treatment helps avoid extraction of the tooth by removing the infected or inflamed nerve of your tooth to save your natural dentition.

What Not to Eat After the Treatment

Your dentist or endodontist will advise you the do’s and don’ts before your procedure. For the recovery to go smoothly, avoid foods and habits such as:

  • Hard foods like ice and nuts
  • Crunchy foods such as carrots, celery, and apples as the pressure from chewing can bring unnecessary discomfort to the teeth
  • Alcohol consumption can interact with medications and can dissolve some temporary fillings
  • Chewy foods including bread and gummy candy as it can pull out the temporary filling
  • Overly hot/cold beverages which can trigger sensitivity around the restored tooth

What to Eat After a Root Canal Procedure?

To avoid irritating the sensitive area, soft foods are the recommended diet and you should wait to eat until the anesthetic has worn off. For patients recovering after a root canal, the ADA has recommended the following diet:

  • Pureed fruits/vegetables or lukewarm vegetable soup
  • Cream of wheat or oatmeal with milk
  • Scrambled eggs, omelet or meatloaf

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In Need of a Root Canal Pembroke Pines?

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