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Invisalign Pembroke Pines | Why Addressing Crooked Teeth is Important

Many people believe that correcting teeth misalignment and addressing bite issues are just solely for cosmetic reasons. Did you know that having crooked teeth causes problems that can negatively impact your overall health? This is why orthodontic appliance like Invisalign Pembroke Pines was developed to help minimize problems with crooked teeth and misalignment.

How Crooked Teeth Can Significantly Impact Your Health

Your self-esteem and appearance are not the only key factors that can be affected by crooked teeth. It can also damage your dental and overall health in different ways. Correcting crooked or misaligned teeth can lower your risk of developing problems like TMJ disorders, bad breath, tooth decay, gum disease, and chronic headaches.

• Affects overall health — Dental issues can seriously affect more than just oral health. Bacteria buildup leads to oral infections that create more serious ailments such as diabetes, pneumonia, stroke, and heart disease.
• Causes Bad Breath — Generally caused by lingering mouth bacteria. Even brushing cannot remove all the food particles stuck in between teeth. Floss and toothbrush bristles may find it difficult to reach the nook and crannies between crooked teeth.
• Gum Disease – Developing gum disease is a common issue with crooked teeth. When bacteria in our mouth form into plaque, it results in gum disease.
• Increase Risk of Tooth Injuries – Protruding teeth are more likely to crack or chip.
• Damage to the Teeth – Misalignment causes the teeth to point in the wrong direction or rub up directly against each other. This leaves the teeth prone to breakage.

Ready for a Clear Solution? Get Invisalign Pembroke Pines

Orthodontic treatments such as Invisalign Pembroke Pines reduces the risk of developing serious health problems. If you think you are ready to say goodbye to your crooked teeth and reap the benefits, schedule an appointment with Joy Dental today.

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