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Root Canal Therapy
in Pembroke Pines, FL

Millions of teeth a year are restored and saved by a root canal. The goal of any dental procedure is to save your natural tooth if possible. Root canals make that possible a large percentage of the time. The name sounds scary, but it relieves pain instead of causing it.

What is a root canal?

A Root canal is an internal procedure of the tooth. Under the hard enamel of each tooth, is an area of soft tissue, called the pulp, which contains nerves and blood vessels. Adults no longer need the pulp in their fully formed teeth because those teeth get their nourishment from the surrounding tissues in your mouth.

When the pulp in your tooth gets infected or inflamed because of deep tooth decay, or repeated dental procedures are done to that tooth or a crack in the tooth, the pulp needs to be taken out. If you don’t remove the damaged pulp, it causes severe pain and can lead to a tooth abscess.

How is the pulp removed?

Your tooth is drilled open, and the root pulp is removed. The remaining tooth is carefully cleaned and disinfected. The hole where the pulp was is filled and sealed with a rubber-like substance. Finally, a dental crown is put on top of the repaired tooth to protect it. Once it is finished, that tooth will continue to function just like all your other teeth.

If you take proper care of your tooth that has a root canal, it can last a lifetime. Root canals sound scary, but, in reality, they save teeth. And having your own teeth is the best possible outcome.

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